Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Shadow of God Cast by the Light of Man.

The troublesome if not paradoxical notion that man was created in the image of God has unfairly deprived man of his own image. Even though Christ walked the earth in the form of a man, and the fossil his body has left behind is certainly the imprint of a higher order primate, this image has come to symbolize God not man. Science and religion are equally irreverent of life, their feigned opposition over the origin of the shroud has served only to further mystify and therefore alienate us from this wonderful, yet imperfectly ordinary phenomenon. It is not surprising that the only examples of these anthropomorphic apparitions recorded in Judaeo-Christian history, (the Shroud at Turino and the Sudarium of Oaxaca), are those which can be associated with God. I have to say frankly , I think this tomographical imaging mentioned in the post below is more scam than scan.

The truth is these apparitions are common and reveal themselves to anyone with sufficiently developed visual acuity and the heightened awareness that Coleridge referred to as suspension of disbelief. Most can be photographed but only using silver based emulsion and only once the photographer has perceived them directly. There are some unsupported accounts that these images are actually portals. Full figure portals like the shroud at Turino would allow travelers to venture through the firmament where as smaller face portals like the Sudarium, which allow only the head to pass through, are used for viewing only.

The most recent apparition occurred in a sleepy suburb north of Montreal in 2006 under the door matt at the home of Carlos Argentino. Carlos Argentino, who does not believe in God, found some solace if not self-gratifying sobriety from the fact that this apparition, if in fact divine, formed under the very jute rug where he wipes dung from his boots.

Arial view of the Argentino apparation in 2006

View under the jute rug at the entrance to the Argentino home north of Montreal